For Immediate Release — Embargoed until 1:30 pm Monday, February 10

Georgia WIN List, the state’s leading Political Action Committee for electing pro-choice Democratic women, today announced an additional eight endorsed women, bringing the total of pre-qualifying early endorsements to “20 for 2020.”

Twelve women were earlier introduced during a December press conference. 

The group of 20 includes seven incumbent women whose seats are at the top of Democratic “protect” lists; five women who ran in 2018, came close to winning and “nevertheless persisted” in 2020 with efforts to FLIP a district to Democratic control; and eight women who are first time candidates for the seats they seek.

“This is the year Democrats finish the job of turning Georgia blue, especially with efforts to FLIP the Georgia House. We are happy to have such a terrifically talented group of 20 women who have earned our early endorsement with their fundraising expertise and carefully crafted campaign plans,” said Melita Easters, executive director and founding chair of Georgia WIN List.

“Collectively, these women reflect the diversity of our great state and we are excited about the skill sets they will bring to the Georgia General Assembly,” she said. Amongst the group are six attorneys, one physician, two women with Phds in microbiology and epidemiology, an Episcopal priest whose ministry focuses on Atlanta’s homeless population and at least six women with multiple advanced degrees. 

The group of 20 is also distinctive for the number of young children who call them mom. Collectively, the group has 34 children, but 12 of those children are younger than the age of eight. Two children have not yet reached their first birthday and another two are two-year-old twins.

“Having so many women who are the mothers of young children will put a fresh face and real life experience in the rooms where policies around maternal mortality, childcare credits, family leave policies and education issues are discussed,” Easters said. “We look forward to seeing how policy priorities shift under the gold dome when these women are elected and serving in a Democratic house.”

The 20 early endorsed candidates will be celebrated during the Georgia WIN List Legislative luncheon on February 20 at The Commerce Club. The occasion will also mark the 20th anniversary of Georgia WIN List, which in its two decades has helped elect more than 70 women to the Georgia General Assembly, 44 of whom currently serve. Georgia ranks higher than any other southern state for the percentage of women serving in its legislature and Democratic women outnumber their Republican colleagues 3.2 to 1.

The WIN List endorsed women seeking re-election include the following (* indicates the eight newly endorsed women announced on 2-10):

* SD 6 Jen Jordan

  HD 37 Mary Frances Williams

  HD 48 Mary Robichaux

  HD 50 Angelika Kausche

* HD 83 Becky Evans

* HD 95 Beth Moore

  HD 108 Jasmine Clarke

The women who sought office in 2018 and “nevertheless persisted” to return for a re-match hoping to FLIP seats include the following:

HD 42 Luisa Wakeman, (who lost by only 818 votes in 2018)

HD 52 Shea Roberts

HD 109 Regina Lewis Ward

HD 151 Joyce Barlow 

HD 179 Julie Jordan

Former Rep. Stacey Evans, is running as a “new face” for a different district after her family re-located and seven women are seeking office for the first time:

  SD 17 Kelly Rose

  SD 41 Kim Jackson

* SD 48 Dr. Michelle Au

  SD 56 Sarah Beeson

* HD 30 Leigh Miller

* HD 45 Sara Tindall Ghazal

* HD 57 Stacey Evans

* HD 106 Rebecca Mitchell

“Individually, each of these women are exciting candidates,” Easters said. “Collectively, these 20 for 2020 are a force to be reckoned with. Their energy and enthusiasm are infectious and the number of doors they have already begun to knock is astonishing. We believe Republicans will hear a Democratic ROAR come November.”



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AMBER SCHREINER, Communications Director