WLA Class of 2015


Top: Lyndosha Jamison, Tiffani Smith, Sheronn Harris, Penny Bernath, Latonda Henderson, Jatisha Marsh
Bottom: EJ Dupervil , Constance Folsom, Brenda Lopez, Amanda Hollowell, Bianca Thrasher

The 2015 WLA class of leaders shares why WLA is important to them:

Jamison 200“I applied to WIN Leadership Academy because I believe that political leaders should be trained, educated, and prepared to lead Georgia to its future.

Lyndosha Jamison, WLA 2015

wla_Tiffani_Smith“I know that the WIN Leadership Academy can provide me with the guidance and resources in order to present myself well and to build a strong foundation.”

Tiffani Smith, WLA 2015

wla_Sheronn_Harris” I applied to WLA to expand my knowledge of campaign processes and to develop the critical skills required to effectively serve and support current and prospective political leaders and policy advocates.”

Sheronn Harris, WLA 2015

wla_Penny_Bernath“When I got involved in politics, I had no inkling I’d ever find myself in a leadership role, but at age 52 I ran for First Vice Chair of Gwinnett County Democratic Party – and I won. I want to learn new skills so I can better serve my party.”

Penny Bernath, WLA 2015

wla_Latonda_Henderson“I applied to WLA because I want to deepen my understanding of the political environment in GA and how I can be of service.”

Latonda Henderson, WLA 2015

wla_Jatisha_Marsh“I have plans to run for an elected office that will allow me to positively impact the life trajectories of youth in under-resourced communities.”

Jatisha Marsh, WLA 2015

wla_EJ_Dupervil“I sincerely believe this program is the ideal platform to train me to be the effective leader that I aspire to be in my community, and the broader state of Georgia.”

EJ Dupervil, WLA 2015

wla_Amanda_Hollowell“I applied for the WLA because I believe in the change women can make and that it only takes one person to help start the pattern of change.”

Amanda Hollowell, WLA 2015

wla_Bianca_Thrasher“The WIN Leadership Academy will provide  me with the tools I need to carry out my duty until it is time to pass the baton.”

Bianca Thrasher, WLA 2015

wla_Brenda_Lopez“I applied for the WLA, because I am ready to run for office and want to be prepared.”

Brenda Lopez, WLA 2015



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