WINning Women in Office

Since 2000, Georgia’s WIN List has helped elect and re-elect more than 75 endorsed women, with 45 currently serving – 13 in the Senate and 32 in the House. Our stellar WIN List reputation as the state’s leading PAC for electing women is built on the following accomplishments:

  • Ranks 18th nationally for the percentage of women in the legislature, rising from 32st in 1999 when WIN List founders first met.
  • WIN List endorsed women successfully FLIP Georgia legislative seats: four in 2020 – the most for any legislature in the nation, 10 FLIPs in 2018, two FLIPs in 2017 special elections and one seat in 2010, which was one of only ten FLIPs nationwide that year.
  • Long led in the South for the highest percentage of Democratic women in any Southern legislature
  • The highest number and percentage of Black women legislators for any state
  • While Democrats lost state legislative seats nationwide between 2009 and 2016, Georgia Democratic women increased their number despite the fact Republicans held a trifecta of state control
  • Overturned a Senate GOP supermajority with the election of WIN Endorsed Jen Jordan during a 2017 special election.
WIN List WINning Women in Office
WIN List WINning Women in Office