2022 WIN List Endorsed Candidates

A total of 59 exceeds 54 from 2020 and does not include endorsed candidates who lost in May

BLUE type indicates candidate is a “new face” for office sought

 * signals Primary only contest WINners!


Stacey Abrams for Governor

Rep. Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State

Sen. Jen Jordan for Attorney General


SENATE: 10 Contested Races – Protect 7 Incumbents & Elect 3 New Faces

Name                             District

Nabilah Islam                 SD 7

Sen. Valencia Seay       SD 34

Sen. Nan Orrock            SD 36

Sen. Sally Harrell           SD 40

Rev. Sen. Kim Jackson SD 41

Sen. Tonya Anderson    SD 43

*Sen. Gail Davenport     SD 44

Matielyn Jones                SD 45         

Paulette Williams            SD 50

*Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler  SD 55

Four WIN List endorsed Senators did not face opposition in their bids for re-election this cycle: SD 9 Sen. Nikki Merritt, SD 12 Sen. Freddie Powell Sims, SD 39

HOUSE: 46 Contested Races – Protect 16 Incumbents & Elect 30 New Faces

June Krise                               HD 8

Kayla Hollifield                        HD 11             

Kim Floria                               HD 30                

Dorothy Coker                        HD 34

Lisa Campbell                         HD 35

Rep. Mary Frances Williams HD 37

Terry Cummings                     HD 39             

Willie Mae Oyogoa                 HD 44

Rep. Mary Robichaux             HD 48

Peggy Gillen                           HD 49 

Sen. Dr. Michelle Au               HD 50

Esther Panitch                        HD 51

Rep. Shea Roberts                 HD 52

Dr. Kelly Coffman                   HD 53 

Rep. Betsy Holland                 HD 54

Inga Willis                               HD 55 

Rep. Stacey Evans                 HD 57

*Rep. Park Cannon                HD 58

*Rep. Sheila Jones                 HD 60

*Tanya Miller                           HD 62

Montenia Edwards                  HD 64               

Lydia Louise Glaize                HD 67             

Tish Naghise                           HD 68             

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver     HD 82

Karen Lupton                          HD 83

*Rep. Dr. Karla Drenner         HD 85

Imani Barnes                          HD 86 

Rep. Becky Evans                  HD 89

Saira Draper                           HD 90

*Rep. Rhonda Taylor             HD 92

Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick         HD 95

Ruwa Romman                       HD 97

Louisa Shell Jackson             HD 100

Rep. Shelly Hutchinson          HD 106

Rep. Dr. Jasmine Clark          HD 108

Mokah Jasmine Johnson       HD 120

Kat Howkins                            HD 124

Lynn Gladney                         HD 130      

Hoganne Harrison-Walton      HD 133  

Rep. Debbie Buckner             HD 137

Courtney Driver                      HD 146           

Ariel Phillips                            HD 147

Joyce Barlow                          HD 151

Madeline Ryan Smith             HD 158

*Anne Allen Westbrook          HD 163

Rep. Edna Jackson                HD 165

Nine WIN List endorsed Representatives did not face opposition in their bids for re-election this cycle: HD 42 Rep. Teri Anulewicz, HD 63 Rep. Kim Schofield, HD 66 Rep. Kimberlyn Alexander, HD 79 Rep. Yasmin Neal, HD 76 Rep. Sandra Scott, HD 115 Rep. Regina Lewis Ward, HD 136 Rep Carolyn Hugley, HD 150 Rep. Patty Bentley and HD 142 Rep. Miriam Paris.

Georgia WIN List endorsed candidates have a proven record for moving the needle for Democratic Performance in their own districts which also improves the chances for Congressional and statewide candidates who are listed above them on the ballot. WIN List endorsed candidates FLIPped four seats in 2020, ten in 2018 and two in the 2017 special elections. Despite GOP drawn Gerrymandered maps, there are opportunities for even more FLIPS in 2022 among the record-setting 56 legislative candidates WIN List has endorsed for the current cycle.

Georgia’s TIDE is turning and WIN List endorsed candidates are poised to take the lead as Democrats finish the job of turning Georgia BLUE in 2022!

2020 Map

WIN List Endorsement Map

2022 Map

The map above demonstrates presidential election party shifts between 2016 to 2020. It was developed by Charles Hayslett for his November 13, 20 Trouble in God’s Country Blog. The darker the blue, the bigger the shift towards Democrats; the darker the red, the bigger the shift towards the GOP during the four year time period. WIN List added numbers to the Hayslett map which reflect the number of 2022 endorsed women in both contested and uncontested races for each county in November. The 2020 map reflects the same numbers for endorsed candidates.