Rep. Simone BellSimone Bell is the State Representative for Georgia House District 58.

Representative Bell will not be seeking a fifth term in the Georgia General Assembly in 2016. We have been pleased to support her campaigns through the years, and believe she embodies the values that Georgia’s WIN List holds dear. She has done us more than proud in the Georgia General Assembly.

She won a special election in 2009 and has served for 4 sessions in the House. She is the first African American OUT lesbian to serve in a State House in the United States.

Simone serves on the following committees: Juvenile justice, State Planning and Community Affairs, Human Relations and Aging and Intragovernmental Coordination. These committees allow her to work as a strong advocate for seniors, children and communities within District 58 and across Georgia.

Representative Bell serves in several leadership positions within the legislature including as a Democratic Jr. Whip. This role is important because it requires a commitment to understanding legislation and working directly with members to bring about the best possible law; a legislators key role. She is highly respected by both parties as a leader and someone willing to stand up for truth and justice.

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