Atlanta, GA – December 13, 2023 – “L-8,” a captivating short-film exploring a not-so-distant future, where the very essence of feminine autonomy is under threat, is set to premiere Sunday, January 7th at a time when daily headlines reflect similar all-too-real struggles.

The thought-provoking film, created by Gillian Rabin, spotlights the struggle faced by a young woman in a society where period tracking is state-mandated, abortion is punishable by death, and reporting abortion suspicions is a lucrative way to earn cash. A panel of legislative leaders will discuss the film and the status of reproductive healthcare in Georgia immediately following the premiere.

The narrative follows the not-so-dystopian trajectory of state and societal control as it unfolds amidst the “first” death-penalty case for abortion in Dallas, Texas in October 2024. From the solitude of her bathroom, Our Girl grapples with love, survival, and the looming threat posed by a system which seeks to control and capitalize on her choices. When her cyclical life is abruptly jeopardized, she tries to outsmart the system using an unwilling and potentially deadly source – her own mother.

“L-8” offers an insightful exploration of the erosion of feminine freedoms and the internal struggles of one woman’s journey amid a world that dictates her choices. As director, writer, and executive producer, Gillian Rabin crafts a compelling narrative which forces audiences to confront pressing societal issues while delving into the very heart of personal agency.

The film premieres at Theatrical Outfit on January 7th, 2024, from 2-4 pm. While admission to the premiere is free, donations to support the film’s marketing, national screening expenses, and festival fees are strongly encouraged. Producer packages and donation incentives are outlined at the film website: and producer credits are only available with select donations until January 1, 2024.

Georgia WIN List, a Political Action Committee dedicated to safeguarding reproductive freedom by electing pro-choice Democratic women to the Georgia General Assembly, serves as a promotional partner for the premiere.

WIN List will facilitate a post-screening panel discussion which features Ms. Rabin and four WIN List endorsed legislators, who will discuss issues raised in the film and the current legal status of abortion care in Georgia. The moderator for the discussion is noted attorney Jen Jordan, a former state senator who was the Democratic nominee for Georgia Attorney General in 2022.

The panelists include:

SD 39 Senator Sonya Halpern represents portions of several metro Atlanta campuses and is Chair of the Senate Study Committee on Excellence, Innovation & Technology at Historically Black College & Universities (HBCUs.) First elected in 2020, she is the mother of three, Vice Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus and a leading advocate for restoring reproductive freedom and reducing Georgia’s maternal mortality rate.

HD 50 Rep. Dr. Michelle Au is a practicing anesthesiologist with both an M.D. and master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University. A mother of three, she has served in the house since 2022 after Republicans gerrymandered a suburban Senate district she previously served. Dr. Au is a leading advocate for gun safety reforms and a well-respected voice for restoring reproductive freedom.

HD 52 Rep. Shea Roberts first FLIPped her seat in 2020 and has become a leading voice for the protection of reproductive freedom both as primary sponsor of a bill to restore pre-Roe access to medical care and by sharing her own abortion story from a much-wanted high-risk pregnancy similar to those making headlines today. She is Treasurer of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus.

HD 95 Rep. Dar’shun Kendrick was first elected in 2010 at the age of 27 and was among the youngest members of the Georgia General Assembly at the time. She is a co-founder of the Georgia Future Caucus, a bi-partisan group of legislators 40 or younger, and also House Whip for Georgia’s Legislative Black Caucus, the largest in the nation.

Panel moderator Jen Jordan was Georgia’s Democratic nominee for Attorney General in 2022 after serving in the state senate since 2017. In 2019, she delivered an eloquent and emotional plea opposing Georgia’s six-week abortion ban with a speech which immediately went viral with its heart-tugging sincerity. Her 2022 campaign received the most votes for any Democratic candidate seeking statewide constitutional office.

“L-8” will serve as a valuable tool for Georgia WIN List candidates as they discuss their commitment to protect reproductive freedom and repealing Georgia’s currently enforced six week abortion ban during their 2024 campaigns. Georgia WIN List is a Political Action Committee committed to the protection of reproductive freedom by training, recruiting, electing, and re-electing more pro-choice, Democratic women to legislative seats and statewide office in Georgia.

For media inquiries, interviews, or press passes, please contact either Gillian Rabin at 954-579-3780 or or Melita Easters at 404-408-9863 or