Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler’s Tuesday retirement announcement reinforces the importance of supporting and re-electing women legislators who are on a path to leadership positions and influence over policies which affect the lives of Georgia women and their families.

Numerous news organizations featured articles on Senator Butler’s retirement announcement. Read the highlights below:

  • AP Article: “You have to work harder, much harder when you are in the minority,” Butler said. “You have more things to do. You have to keep your eyes peeled on every single thing that’s going on.”
  • Gwinnett Daily Post: “Thank you for putting up with me all of these years, those of you who have been down here a long time,” she said. “There are not but a few of us left. The rest of you are babies that have come in here long after I’ve been here, but I’ve appreciated working with all you.”
  • Fox Five: “I am sad to see Leader Butler retire, though I can hardly begrudge her the opportunity to rest after 25 years of service in state government. Gloria has worked tirelessly for a more progressive Georgia who has served tirelessly to make Georgia better for all of us. For me, personally, Gloria’s mentorship, leadership, and friendship have meant so much to me, and I will miss her wisdom and guidance as I continue serving in the Senate without her,” said Elena Parent, Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus.
  • Georgia Recorder: “Butler said she hopes that her legacy as a Black woman who rose to a significant role in state politics will inspire other girls and women to serve in public office.  “I have a great grandkid and she may even want to step into that role,” Butler said during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. “Maybe she can look back one day and say my great grandmother was the minority leader in the Senate Caucus in whatever year. That would be a huge, huge, jewel in my crown.”