Daily headlines remind voters just what it means to shift important reproductive medical decisions which had been between a woman and her doctor for five decades to the whims of Republican appointed state court judges or male dominated and carefully gerrymandered legislative bodies. Here are a list of carefully selected articles:


WINning Women FLIP Seats!

18 WIN List endorsed women have FLIPped seats in Georgia since 2017.

(As of 4-10-2024)   BOLD means currently serving


  • SD 6 – Jen Jordan Cobb County FLIP removes Senate Supermajority …

(Seat now held by Jason Estevez when Jen ran for AG)


  • SD 48 FLIP by Zahra Karinshak (she defeated David Shafer and then ran for Congress and was replaced by Michelle Au who was gerrymandered and ran for a House seat.)
  • SD 40 FLIP by Sally Harrell
  • HD 37 FLIP by Mary Frances Williams
  • HD 48 FLIP by Mary Robichaux who lost to Republican in 2022 after maps redrawn.
  • HD 50 FLIP by Angelika Kausche for seat previously held by Brad Raffensperger. She chose not to seek re-election in 2022 and seat is now held by Rep. Dr. Michelle Au
  • HD 54 FLIP by Betsy Holland
  • HD 95 FLIP by Beth Moore who lost a 2022 bid for a Senate seat – seat # changed
  • HD 105 FLIP by Donna McLeod, who served three terms –
  • HD 107 FLIP by Shelly Hutchinson (Now 106 – gerrymandered with Mitchell)
  • HD 108 FLIP by Jasmine Clark
  • HD 117 FLIP by Deborah Gonzalez for seat later re-claimed by Republicans


  • SD 9 FLIP with Nikki Merritt
  • HD 52 FLIP by Shea Roberts
  • HD 106 FLIP by Rebecca Mitchell, who served one term, was gerrymandered into same district as Shelly Hutchinson who won a contest in 2022. Mitchell moved to New York.
  • HD 115 FLIP by Regina Lewis-Ward


  • HD 35 FLIP by Lisa Campbell
  • HD 97 FLIP by Ruwa Romman (re-drawn map – seat held by GOP’s Bonnie Rich)