New Face WINners

  • HD 61 Mekyah McQueen is a math teacher and Spelman alum running to replace Cobb County’s Rep. Roger Bruce, who retired. A daughter of the district, she taught overseas for seven years before returning home. She will be a strong voice for restoring reproductive freedom and a fierce advocate for public education.
  • HD 117 Mary Ann Santos was the only candidate who qualified for a newly drawn open HD 117 which includes McDonough and portions of Henry County. A single mother of two who escaped from an abusive relationship, she pledges to be a voice for victims of domestic violence and for public education.

Three Endorsed Women Advance to June 21 Runoffs!

  • SD 34 Kenya Wicks is one of seven seeking the seat Senator Valencia Seay’s retirement. Sen. Seay endorsed Kenya, who had served as her chief of staff upon Army retirement as a Major. Since retirement, Major Wicks has served as Vice Chair of the Fayette County Democrats and a CASA volunteer.
  • HD 55 Iris Hamilton is among five primary candidates to replace Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler, who retired. A registered nurse, she has long been an advocate for her profession and better health care for the public. She has served as a county party officer and been a grassroots political organizer.

  • HD 145 Tangie Herring is a 28-year award-winning classroom teacher, mother, wife, and committed community volunteer. A Macon native, she brings strong Middle Georgia roots to her campaign for Georgia State House District 145. Her platform centers on improving public education, access to healthcare, and providing opportunities for all Georgians.

Five Endorsed Incumbents WIN Primary Only Races

SSD 36 Senator Nan Orrock, (from left) SD 44 Senator Elena Parent, HD 69 Rep. Debra Bazemore, HD 84 Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver and HD 90 Rep. Saira Draper all won contested Primary Only re-election races. Congratulations!!

Four Candidates to FLIP Seats in “Roevember”

  • HD 47 Debra Shigley won the May primary to challenge Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones, Georgia’s highest-ranking Republican woman. FLIPping this seat is monumental task, but district demographics favor Debra’s pro-choice & pro-public education platform. An attorney and the mother of five public school students, she believes her message resonates with suburban women voters.
  • HD 48 Laura Murvartian hopes to FLIP this highly competitive Gwinnett and Fulton County seat currently represented by Republican Scott Hilton. A successful businesswoman and well-respected civic leader, she was recently named one of the 50 most influential people in Georgia’s Hispanic Community and is a former board chair of GALEO.
  • HD 53 Susie Greenberg hopes to FLIP the House Democratic Caucus number one target by defeating Republican Deborah Silcox in the northern suburbs. An attorney and long-time civic leader, Susie has served on the board of PPSE and was honored by Atlanta’s National Council of Jewish Women as a “SHERO” in 2023.
  • HD 99 Michelle Kang hopes to FLIP HD 99 by defeating Republican Matt Reeves in a majority minority Gwinnett County district which includes Suwanee, Duluth and Sugar Hill. She is Korean American and has a long record of grassroots activism reflected by the fact her campaign website offers five language options.

General Election “Roevember” Contests

Georgia WIN List will announce General Election endorsements for Roevember in late June after conducting interviews with more than 30 additional candidates. Of these women, a dozen are in districts which could be “at play” based on recent victories for pro-choice Democratic candidates in other states.

22 WIN List Endorsed Incumbents Face General Election Contests

In the senate, the endorsed women who face General Election opponents include: Senators SD 7 Nabilah Islam, SD 9 Nikki Merritt, SD 40 Sally Harrell, and SD 41 Rev. Kim Jackson.

In the House the incumbents with General Election opponents include Representatives HD 35 Lisa Campbell, HD 37 Mary Frances Williams, HD 39 Terry Cummings, HD 50 Dr. Michelle Au, HD 51 Esther Panitch, HD 52 Shea Roberts, HD 54 Betsy Holland, HD 55 Inga Willis, HD 57 Stacey Evans, HD 60 Sheila Jones, HD 67 Lydia Louise Glaize, HD 83 Karen Lupton, HD 86 Imani Barnes, HD 97 Ruwa Romman, HD 108 Dr. Jasmine Clark, HD 137 Debbie Buckner, HD 142 Miriam Paris, and HD 150 Patty (Bentley) Stinson.