June 21, 2022

Contact: Maria O. Banjo,


Democratic voters select voting-rights champion in sharp contrast to 

Raffensperger and his ongoing attacks on voting

ATLANTA, GA – Tonight, Georgia voters put their trust in Rep. Bee Nguyen and elected her to be the Democratic nominee for Georgia Secretary of State. For the first time in Georgia’s history, voters nominated an Asian American woman for a statewide political statewide office – a reflection of the powerful broad-based coalition Democrats have built in the State of Georgia.

Rep. Bee Nguyen will face Brad Raffensperger, the Republican nominee who has consistently supported restrictive voting laws, including Senate Bill 202, a 98-page voter suppression bill that criminalizes handing out a bottle of water to a voter waiting in line and severely restricts absentee ballot voting, among other impediments to voting.

Georgians now have the opportunity to elect a Secretary of State with a proven record of expanding voting rights, creating economic opportunities, and supporting public schools.

“Brad Raffensperger and the Republican Party continue to attack our right to vote because they know they will lose elections if every eligible Georgian casts a ballot. Georgians deserve a Secretary of State who will fight for their freedom to vote, regardless of their party, zip code, or the color of their skin. I’m running to be Secretary of State because our right to vote is the foundation of all our other civil liberties,” said Rep. Bee Nguyen. 

Rep. Nguyen continued: “I want to thank the other Democrats in this race. Each candidate stood up to protect our right to vote, and each candidate had innovative policy initiatives and a commitment to all Georgians. Georgia is a better state because of their service.”

“Bee has proven that she is ready to take on Brad Raffensperger and win. Raffensperger purged Georgians from the voter rolls and attacked our right to vote-by-mail, use secure drop boxes, and even accept a bottle of water while waiting in line. Though Brad Raffensperger did his job after the 2020 election, not breaking the law is the floor, not the ceiling – the only way to protect our democracy is to elect a Secretary of State who supports our freedom to vote – not voter restrictions” said Maria O. Banjo, Campaign Manager for Rep. Bee Nguyen’s campaign for Secretary of State.

Reactions to Rep. Bee Nguyen’s victory poured in from across the state.

Leader Stacey Abrams: “I want to congratulate Bee on her nomination: Representative Bee Nguyen is a lifelong advocate for the people of Georgia, and her work on the front lines to protect our democracy and  the freedom to vote exemplifies the courage and tenacity needed in our next Secretary of State.”

Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock: “Protecting our freedom to vote is paramount to every issue that Georgians care about, and Bee has been on the frontlines fighting for Georgians. Her voice will strengthen the Democratic ticket, and I look forward to crossing the finish line with her in November.”

Senator Jon Ossoff: “Our civil liberties and our democracy depend on our voting rights and on free, fair, and impartially administered elections. Bee will bring to this job a passionate commitment to those principles and Georgia will benefit from her service as Secretary of State.”

Congresswoman Nikema Williams: “I am excited for Bee and the people of Georgia. Bee will continue to protect our right to free, fair, and accessible elections, and with Representative Nguyen on our ticket, the Democratic Party of Georgia is proud to have nominated the first Asian-American statewide political candidate in Georgia’s history.”

Representative James Beverly, Minority Leader of the Democratic Caucus: ”I’m thrilled for Georgia that one of my most effective colleagues in the House is going to represent our party on the ballot this November. With Sen. Warnock, Leader Abrams, and Rep. Nguyen, and so many more, we are going to win elections up and down the ballot this November and bring Georgians access to health care, higher wages, and fair elections.”

Commissioner Jordan Johnson, Chair of Richmond County Democratic Party: ”Augusta is proud that one of our own, who grew up in Augusta and graduated from an Augusta public high school, will be part of the most dynamic statewide ticket that Democrats could offer. Georgians will see a true alternative to the status quo, where everyone has an opportunity, and Augusta is grateful to be a part of this ticket.”

Representative Carolyn Hugley: ”Rep. Nguyen has been present in every part of Georgia, and I have heard from voters that know what I have known for a long time–Bee will do the work, and we can trust her to run the Office of the Secretary of State and administer our elections.”



Bee is one of five daughters, born to a resourceful mother and a father who worked as an orderly at a mental institution. She is a lifelong Democrat who grew up in Augusta, graduated from a Georgia public high school, and attended George State University. Bee made history when she was the first Asian American woman elected to the Georgia State Assembly in House District 89, the seat formerly held by Stacey Abrams. She has spent her career as a leading advocate for voting rights, public education, and criminal justice reform. Bee believes in the power of everyday Georgians and knows firsthand the importance of a free and fair democracy—and that’s why she’s running to be Georgia’s next Secretary of State. Learn more at