A Georgia WIN List endorsement helped Rep. Dr. Karla Drenner make history in 2000 as the state and region’s first openly lesbian legislator, leading the way for an LGBTQ+ Georgia caucus which is one of the nation’s most diverse.

She represents DeKalb County’s District 85 which includes the South DeKalb communities of Clarkston, Scottdale and Belvedere Park. An academic and mother, she became the first WIN LIST endorsed candidate to serve in the Georgia General Assembly. Drenner now sits on multiple committees and serves as the chair of the DeKalb House delegation. Read her bio here. 

As an advocate for her community and the issues they support, she bases her decisions on facts. Of her many legislative bills, 50 have been signed into law. A consensus builder, her areas of concern focus on the environment, education, equity, economic development, and energy innovation. She has repeatedly proven her value as a leader grounded in faith whose academic and life credentials make hers a credible voice in an age of misinformation.

Representative Drenner has received more than 30 awards and recognitions for service contributions to public, private, and nonprofit organizations from national, regional, and state entities. Beyond the Gold Dome, she serves on national and regional legislative policy committee addressing women, energy, environment, science, and safety. Her impressive academic record includes degrees in Health Physics and Environmental Science, as well as an MBA and two PhDs in Public Policy Analysis and Administration and Occupational Safety & Health.

In addition to working on behalf of District 85, Dr. Drenner is a graduate professor for Purdue University Global in the public administration program. She lives in Avondale Estates with her family.

Qualifying for the 2024 election cycle is just 9 months away and already WIN List is developing plans to protect our valued incumbents like Representative Drenner in the next election cycle, while also identifying candidates who have sights set on taking Republican held seats in 2024.

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