HD 83 Rep. Karen Lupton served on Chamblee’s City Council before WINning her house seat in 2022 to join the largest ever freshman class and is now working to forge strong relationships with fellow DeKalb County officials.

Professionally, Rep. Lupton is a choral singer and conductor. She says her service on the Chamblee City Council convinces her of the need to be “in tune” with her fellow elected officials, so to speak.

“School board members, mayors and city council members, and county commissioners all serve in their own silos,” she said as she explained why she is spending the next few months getting to know her fellow DeKalb County elected officials better. She is even attending the meetings and public hearings of other governmental groups.

“Our mutual goal is to provide better services to the citizens we serve. I want to be a bridge builder who can pick up the phone and call my fellow elected officials when a citizen raises a concern with me, not just shrug and refer my constituent to someone else. It’s all about relationships and working together”

Her DeKalb County district includes Chamblee and portions of Brookhaven as well as the Buford highway corridor. Read more about her district and legislative priorities in her bio here. 

Georgia’s municipal elections for city council and municipal school board seats fall on odd numbered years and thousands of positions will be on the ballot in November with qualifying beginning later this summer. Rep. Lupton highly recommends service at the local level and while WIN List does not endorse in these local races, as an organization, we fully understand the importance of holding such offices as steppingstone to legislative service.

For 23 years, Georgia WIN List has worked to Change the Face of Power in Georgia by electing Women In Numbers who would be effective advocates for the issues most important to women and families including the preservation of reproductive medical autonomy free of legislative or bureaucratic obstacles.

During the 2024, WIN List will work to promote and defend all our endorsed incumbent women like Rep. Lupton as they seek re-election. But, we must continue to increase the number of Democratic women who serve and already WIN List is meeting with and encouraging 2024 candidates.

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