Following a Lupus diagnosis more than two decades ago, Kim Schofield created a pathway to become a highly effective advocate for herself and others which eventually led to a successful legislative campaign and respect for her strong voice on medical issues.

She continued working as a lupus research specialist at the Emory School of Medicine and was honored by the Lupus Foundation of America. A mother and businesswoman, she has a coaching practice which works with individuals and organizations to help them reach maximum capacity.

Earlier in the month, she was one of four House members in a Georgia delegation to attend a White House conference on reproductive rights. “As Democrats, we need to continue to strengthen our message and own our narrative,” she said. Let’s call abortion bans what they are – an attack on democracy and on personal bodily autonomy. Abortion bans and restrictions do nothing to protect anyone’s health or safety and have had a devastating impact on citizens and providers in Georgia, the surrounding southern states, and across the country. We will continue our fight!

Over the weekend, she co-authored an AJC op-ed with Senator Nan Orrock and Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose, which raises questions about the proposed Wellstar Health System acquisition of Augusta University Health System and its related facilities. Read the full op-ed here. 

First elected during a 2017 special election, Rep. Schofield’s District 63 lines were dramatically redrawn for the 2022 election cycle. Her district now covers portions of Clayton, Fayette and Fulton counties and includes portions of southeast Atlanta, College Park, and Hapeville. 

She serves as a member of the House Health and Human Services, Interstate Cooperation and Small Business Development Committees and is chair of the Georgia Council of Lupus Education and Awareness. Read her recent Atlanta Voice op-ed on gun violence and her bio here

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