Elected in 2014, Senator Elena Parent is Chairwoman of the Senate Democratic Caucus, a platform she utilizes as an energetic and eloquent advocate to promote gun safety, preserve reproductive freedom, ensure fair elections and fully fund and protect public education.

A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, she first served one term in in the House after FLIPping a Republican-held seat in 2010. After Republicans retaliated by gerrymandering her district, she didn’t run for re-election.  But once she and her family moved to Druid Hills, she had an opportunity to run for the state Senate when Jason Carter vacated the seat to run for Governor.  Senate District 42 includes Decatur, Avondale Estates and the Dekalb County neighborhoods of Druid Hills, Lake Claire, Candler Park,Toco Hills and Belvedere Park.

As national attention focuses on National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend June 2 to 4, it is appropriate to re-visit what Senator Parent said during a Capitol press conference earlier this month following a tragic Midtown shooting which paralyzed the metro area while law enforcement officials worked to apprehend a suspect who fled to Cobb County.

“We are outraged that we are forced to live with gun violence.  Terrified that we could be next, or our child or another loved one could be next.  Exhausted because we have spoken out, donated, lobbied, and marched time and time again begging for the violence to stop,” Senator Parent said. “No right is absolute.  All rights afforded each of us must be balanced against other peoples’ rights. The constitution has a second amendment.  But it starts with ENSURING DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY.  And the right to domestic tranquility is being denied to us each and every day.”

Senator Parent noted Democrats have sponsored 16 gun safety measures, including 2 bills she filed in the Senate, which Republicans – who currently hold a trifecta of power under Georgia’s Gold Dome — have refused to bring forward for committee votes. “We don’t need every Republican to come to the table, but we need enough to penetrate the barrier of the majority,” she said.

Watch Senator Parent’s full remarks during the press conference here. During the legislative session, Senator Parent spoke from the well several times to call out the gun violence plaguing our state.  You can see and read other remarks at elenaparent.com.

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