This is DAY THREE of our top ten countdowns.

We’ll publish the whole list on Dec. 30. See below for the earlier number one & two for best and worst.

Nancy Denson Mayor-Jackson teresa-tomlinson5








#3 Best:

The Women Mayors of Georgia:

While our state government ranks among the lowest in female leadership, many of the towns and cities of Georgia are leading the way to true progress. Nancy Denson in Athens, Edna Jackson in Savannah, and Teresa Tomlinson in Columbus are demonstrating that women are effective, strong political leaders at the highest levels.

#3 Worst:

Georgia’s Maternal Morbidity is the Worst in the Nation:

This astonishing statistic topped House Representative Pat Gardener’s “worst” list. Beating states with much higher rates of poverty, Georgia loses almost 21 women each year to childbirth-related death. Do you see a relationship between the failure to launch Medicaid expansion and this statistic, Governor Deal?