Happy Holidays!

This is DAY FOUR of our top ten countdowns.

We’ll publish the whole list on Dec. 30. See below for items 1-3 for best and worst.

#4 Best:

Our 23 Endorsed Women in the State House and Senate:

Georgia’s WIN List endorsed women in the House and Senate bravely and tirelessly work to protect the rights and interests of women and families in our state. As Minority House Leader (and WIN List endorsed woman) Stacey Abrams says, “We are here to stop the bad.” And for that, they deserve our undying gratitude…and support!


#4 Worst:

The GOP Males in the Georgia Legislature Don’t Relate to Women…or just don’t care to:

Our endorsed woman, House Representative Stacey Evans bemoaned the continued lack of respect for women by the GOP in Georgia. “The Republicans really need a “how to talk about women 101” course,” says Stacey Evans. Just ask Phi Beta Kappa lawyer and former House Rep Elena Parent who was recently called a “legislative Barbie” by GOP- leaning Peach Pundit. (Mike Luckovich’s cartoon below says it all)!

Lukovich GOP sensitivity