Seven “New Face” Candidates in Primary Only Races

  • SD 28 Terracia Wilkinson hopes to defeat Senator Donzella James, who often votes with Republicans rather than Democratic colleagues. Terracia is a businesswoman with 20 years of event management experience, a stellar reputation as a publicist for Atlanta’s elite entertainment and political figures as well as founder of Brown Girls Brunch.
  • SD 33 Euriel Hemmerly hopes to unseat Cobb County Sen. Michael “Doc” Rhett. An immigrant from Nigeria, she moved to Cobb County when she was 19. A businesswoman, she is a strong advocate for public education, a champion for the homeless, and an advocate recognized for her promotion of international understanding.
  • SD 34 Kenya Wicks is one of seven seeking the seat Senator Valencia Seay’s retirement. Sen. Seay endorsed Kenya, who had served as her chief of staff upon Army retirement as a Major. Since retirement, Major Wicks has served as Vice Chair of the Fayette County Democrats and a CASA volunteer.
  • SD 38 Nkoyo Effiong Lewis is running against five men for the Fulton County seat long held by Sen. Horacena Tate, who retired. If elected, she would become the Senate’s only Black woman attorney. A close loss in a 2023 Atlanta School Board race taught her not to run a “timid” campaign.
  • HD 61 Mekyah McQueen is a math teacher and Spelman alum running to replace Cobb County’s Rep. Roger Bruce, who retired. A daughter of the district, she taught overseas for seven years before returning home. She will be a strong voice for restoring reproductive freedom and a fierce advocate for public education.
  • HD 74 Maggy Martinez is one of two candidates for a newly created open seat which includes Hampton and portions of Clayton and Henry Counties. She served as a legislator in Puerto Rico and was named “Legislator of the Year” in 1999 before moving to Georgia and becoming a public-school teacher.
  • HD 91 Former Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler spent a decade serving DeKalb County citizens who were recently drawn into HD 91. She is challenging Rep. Angela Moore with the active and enthusiastic encouragement of her former legislative colleagues. An AME pastor, she enjoys support from many established civic organizations and her sorority.

Four Endorsed Incumbents in Primary Only Races

  • SD 36 Senator Nan Orrock has 37 years of service in the Georgia Senate and House as a champion for Civil Rights, healthcare accessibility and environmental justice. Since the March on Washington in 1963, she has been an advocate for progressive change and her visionary leadership is deeply respected in Georgia and nationwide.

  • SD 44 Senator Elena Parent is Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus and as an attorney, the only woman on the Senate Judiciary Committee. A former executive director of Georgia Watch, she’s recognized for her work in as an advocate for reproductive freedom, gun safety, family violence prevention and consumer rights.

  • HD 69 Rep. Debra Bazemore has represented portions of South Fulton since 2016 and faces four male opponents in her 2024 bid for re-election. She has championed legislation to combat human trafficking at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport adjacent to her district and to bring awareness to critical health issues among school aged children.

  • HD 84 Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver has served multiple terms representing DeKalb County in the Georgia House and Senate focusing on legislation which protects children and consumers. An attorney, she is the only person to have chaired both House and Senate Judiciary Committees and is a leading advocate for mental health reforms.

Six “New Face” Candidates in Primary and General Election Contests

  • SD 21 Tracey Verhoven hopes a primary WIN sets her up for a “Roevember” contest with Republican Senator Brandon Beach. A realtor and actress, she lives on a North Georgia lake and campaigns energetically. Her first political activity was organizing school lunch “boycott” to protest warm milk cartons when she was seven!

  • SD 37 Dr. Sadia Ali hopes to defeat Republican Sen. Ed Setzler, sponsor of 2024’s RIFRA legislation and Georgia’s currently enforced 2019 abortion ban. A Muslim mother of two and podiatrist/foot surgeon, she champions a “fact-based” approach to public policy and the restoration of reproductive freedom and medical autonomy for all women.

  • SD 55 Iris Hamilton is among five primary candidates to replace Senate Minority Leader Gloria Butler, who retired. A registered nurse, she has long been an advocate for her profession and better health care for the public. She has served as a county party officer and been a grassroots political organizer.

  • HD 47 Debra Shigley’s two-person primary determines who advances to attempt FLIPping the district of GOP Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones, Georgia’s highest-ranking Republican woman. An attorney, Debra is the mother of five public school students and believes her pro-choice & pro-public education platform will resonate with suburban women voters.

  • HD 145 Tangie Herring is a 28-year award-winning classroom teacher, mother, wife, and committed community volunteer. A Macon native, she brings strong Middle Georgia roots to her campaign for Georgia State House District 145. Her platform centers on improving public education, access to healthcare, and providing opportunities for all Georgians.

  • HD 149 Phyllis Tufts Hightower brings a 30-year record of work as an art therapist providing mental health services, including work with youthful offenders in the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. The district spans from Milledgeville where she attended college to the Macon suburbs where she has lived for 30 years.

Five Endorsed Incumbents Face Primary and General Election Challenges

  • SD 40 Senator Sally Harrell FLIPped her Dunwoody District in 2018 as a champion of women’s and family issues. She currently serves a Co-Chair of the Georgia Women’s Legislative Caucus and brings her background as a former House member and social worker to discussions about improving conditions for working women and their families.

  • SD 41 The Rev. Senator Kim Jackson is an Episcopal priest and advocate whose parents taught her the importance of advocacy for the vulnerable and neglected. Her formal ministry focuses on Atlanta’s unhoused community and when she takes the Senate well, colleagues listen for the truth, wisdom and eloquence of her speeches.

  • HD 42 Rep. Teri Anulewicz served a decade on the Smyrna City Council, including as Mayor Pro-Tem, before running for the House in 2017. She has developed an expertise in city-state co-operation, transportation, economic development, public education and gun safety issues which makes hers a valuable voice in the Cobb County delegation.

  • HD 60 Rep. Sheila Jones has served portions of Fulton and Cobb Counties since her election in 2004 following years of active service in the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers AFL-CIO Lodge 709 associated with her employment at Lockheed Martin Company. Several organizations have named her “Legislator of the Year.”

  • HD 137 Rep. Debbie Buckner has served her Columbus area district since 2002. She is known as a strong advocate for protecting the environment and for her extensive knowledge of public health issues. As vice chair of the Rural Caucus, she is well respected for building bridges across partisan and rural/urban divides.